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First Aid Certification Programs You Must be Aware Of

First aid certification programs are an integral part of learning basic techniques in medical care, and are quite important as far as saving lives during emergencies is concerned. The role of certification is crucial as it equips trained individuals with the basic skills that they require to save lives. Many people who undergo such training […]

Types of First Aid Training

If you have gone through approved first aid training, you get prepared to deal with any medical emergency effectively. There are many approved first aid course providers in Canada where you can undertake the training that you require. By undertaking the course, you will contribute a great role in saving humanity by conserving life. The […]

Factors to Consider When Choosing a First Aid Course

Choosing the right first aid course in Canada can be a difficult task because there are several providers, different course levels, compliance, terms of certification and other factors that you must consider. It is extremely essential for you to take time in order to make an informed decision on the course that will be most […]


When an individual is exposed to very cold temperatures, the skin and the underlying tissues can freeze, resulting to frostbite. The commonly affected areas by frostbite include the feet, hands, ears and nose. Once skin appears whitish or grayish-yellow, very cold to the touch and has a hard or waxy feel, it indicates frostbite. In some […]