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Types of First Aid Training

If you have gone through approved first aid training, you get prepared to deal with any medical emergency effectively. There are many approved first aid course providers in Canada where you can undertake the training that you require. By undertaking the course, you will contribute a great role in saving humanity by conserving life. The […]

Professional First Aid and CPR Courses for Civilians

For years, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals rely on professional first aid and CPR courses to save the lives of people inside and outside healthcare facilities. This is because CPR, first aid and other basic life support techniques are effective and practical during emergency situations wherein medical equipments are scarce and there are no […]

Asphyxia: Causes, Signs and Symptoms, Complications and First Aid Management

Asphyxia is a condition of the body that occurs from severely inadequate oxygen supply or excessive carbon dioxide to the body. It is usually a result of disruption in breathing or insufficient oxygen supply. Nerve cells in the brain can survive only up to four minutes without oxygen. Without oxygen, these cells will die and […]

Treating Hyperglycemia

                Hyperglycemia is a medical condition describing high blood sugar. It is caused by too much glucose in the blood plasma. The normal blood sugar level ranges from 70 to 100 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) before breakfast as glucose levels may rise after breakfast, depending on diet. It is considered hyperglycemic between 100 and 126 […]

Issues in the Emergency Department: Violence, abuse and neglect

The Emergency Department is often the place where individuals and victims of violence, abuse and neglect go and seek for help which in most cases are not really identified until a comprehensive assessment is done primarily due to incongruence in a victim’s narration of events, and body language. Each year, in North America alone, there […]