First aid and CPR training class
First aid and CPR training class

Finding a standard, childcare or emergency first aid provider can be a difficult and long process. The training providers with Training Locations near you shown on this website meet our high quality and value standards for first aid, CPR and AED training. These providers offer clean, well maintained and comfortable training locations throughout Canada. Each of these providers meets the high standards set by St Mark James and provides successful participants with a credible certificate upon completion. Our partnered St Mark James first aid, CPR and AED training providers are located in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Kelowna. Our list of training providers throughout Canada grows almost monthly as we find new, high quality and competitively priced providers throughout the nation. This page will outline the reasons why these providers were selected as the premier and elite providers throughout Canada.


All of these providers are committed to providing a high quality program. This means that the training centers the provide are safe, well-maintained and offer a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Equipment and instructors meet high quality standards. Candidates that complete the program will receive St Mark James first aid and / or CPR certification that meets the highest quality specifications set by legislative, workplace and academic standards for most provinces.

Training Locations

We are partnered with the premier St Mark James first aid and CPR course provider in the following regions:

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Prices at our Training Locations

Our training partners strive to offer the lowest and most competitively priced standard, emergency, childcare and stand-alone CPR courses. Course prices differ depending on the type or level of training. All courses include training with automated external defibrillators.

Renewal Classes

Finding a re-certification course in your municipality can be a difficult process. All of our training partners offer renewal courses at least two times per week. These courses are designed for candidates that need to renew a old or expiring award. Candidates must meet certain prerequisites prior to enrolling into St Mark James re-certification classes. Select your location from the list above or from the main or side menu to view the best provider(s) in your region.

Register with the elite and premier first aid, CPR and AED providers in your region by selecting your location from the list above or in the menu. You will receive high quality courses and training at exceptionally low prices. Learn to save a life today and maintain current certification!