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First Aid and CPR Courses in Grande Prairie
Splinting a injured leg to reduce movement and prevent furhter injury.

Want to become a trained CPR rescuer? We offer the best CPR training programs all over the United States in six cities in five different states. Students can sign up for Basic Life Support training or the more complex Advanced Life Support training for healthcare providers. Whatever program you need certification for, our providers are sure to have them. Other providers in the country cannot compare with the quality of training received at our providers, as well as the rock-bottom training rates.

Hassle-free and easy enrolment

Enrolment is incredibly easy with our providers. Because we are dedicated to the comfort of our trainees, we offer four different ways to sign up for training. The most popular way is on the provider homepages, where an online application form can be filled out at any time with your personal details and the details for the program that you want to enrol in. Applications may also be sent through the internet or over the telephone. Also, because some details need to be finalized in person, walk-ins are highly encouraged by our staff; just make sure to do your business during operating hours.

Quality training programs

Basic Life Support teaches basic CPR skills, AED (automated external defibrillator) training, and basic first aid.

CPR and AED classes
Clearing the airway of an unconscious victim
  • Heartsaver CPR/AED with first aid (general public) – 4 hours; optional certification exam
  • Heartsaver CPR/AED with first aid (healthcare providers) – 4.5 hours
  • Basic Life Support (healthcare providers) – 4.5 hours; with pre-test; re-certification 4 hours

Advanced Life Support teaches students about CPR equipment, medications, and how to give CPR in a clinical setting. ALS programs require students to pass a pre-test and have BLS training certificate.

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support – 2 days (16 hours total), re-certification 5-6 hours – program for management of adult victims
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support – 2 days (14 hours total), re-certification 6-8 hours – program for management of pediatric victims

Training located over the US

Our providers are located in six cities over five states, all easily accessible by public/private transportation because of the location in the commercial district.

  • Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles CPR
  • San Francisco, California – San Francisco CPR
  • Honolulu, Hawaii – Honolulu CPR
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – Las Vegas CPR
  • Portland, Oregon – Portland CPR
  • Seattle, Washington – Seattle CPR

Certification and validity

Certificates received from the programs are valid for 2 years. To keep their validity for an additional 2 years, students need to sign up for re-certification before the certificates expire. Expired credentials are not honored at any of our providers. If a rescuer lets his or her credentials expire, he or she will have to take the entire training program for an new certificate.


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