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Remedies for leg cramps at night

Night leg cramps or nocturnal leg cramps are involuntary contractions or spasms of muscles in the legs that usually happen when lying in bed. It usually affects the calf muscles, but the muscles in the feet or thighs can also be affected. Strongly stretching the contracted muscles lessens the pain.   Causes of leg cramps […]

First Aid Tips For Treating A Sprain – PRINCE

Sprains can cause excruciating pain and can drastically reduce your ability to move. They usually cause unbearable symptoms such as discoloration, swelling and immobility. The task of treating a sprain during first aid can be very challenging to many. However, you can succeed in controlling the situation by simply following these essential tips. Expect to […]

First Aid for Spinal Injuries, Head and Neck

Typically head injuries result from road carnages, diving in unknown shallow water levels, falling down facing your head to the ground and many others. There are various indicators that a person’s head has been injured. Among them are: headache, vision impairment, being numb, unresponsiveness, bruises around the eyes, paralysis, blood running to the white of […]

First Aid for Rib Fractures

Rib injuries are not very common because ribs are hard to break. The ribs are surrounded by strong muscles making them resistant to damage. However, adults are more susceptible to suffer from rib fractures because unlike them, children have more flexible bones. Most rib injury cases are reported to be due to car accidents; whether […]