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What Is The Significance Of Online First Aid Courses?

First aid skills have become paramount in today’s world, so much so that individuals and organizations alike are now shifting attention to online first aid courses. First aid in general speak, is important when it comes to proper handling of emergencies. Emergencies occur without any warning, thus creating the need to always be prepared for […]

First Aid Certification Programs You Must be Aware Of

First aid certification programs are an integral part of learning basic techniques in medical care, and are quite important as far as saving lives during emergencies is concerned. The role of certification is crucial as it equips trained individuals with the basic skills that they require to save lives. Many people who undergo such training […]

First Aid for Spinal Injuries, Head and Neck

Typically head injuries result from road carnages, diving in unknown shallow water levels, falling down facing your head to the ground and many others. There are various indicators that a person’s head has been injured. Among them are: headache, vision impairment, being numb, unresponsiveness, bruises around the eyes, paralysis, blood running to the white of […]

How to Care for a Wound

The skin is one of the largest body organs that has numerous functions for instance, regulation of body temperature, production of vitamin, sensation etc. When there is a cut through the skin we call the ‘cut’ a wound. There are two types of wounds namely; acute and chronic wounds. Chronic wounds refer to those that […]