Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Advanced Life Support

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Giving rescue breaths using a bag valve mask to an adult victim

Advanced Life Support is a concept used to describe giving CPR in a clinical setting with complete equipment and medication. It is vastly different from Basic Life Support training that is focused on the CPR skills given when a victim collapses in a non-clinical setting. However, the basic skills in chest compressions, rescue breathing, and defibrillation are still included in ALS programs. The topics found in ALS training that differ from BLS programs are use of equipment such as bag valve masks, manual defibrillators, endotracheal tubes and sets, and adult and pediatric pharmacology. ACLS is for adult victims while PALS is for pediatric victims.


To qualify for any ALS program, students are required to have a valid credential in Basic Life Support for HCPs training. Our providers offer BLS for HCPs training that runs for four and a half hours. A pre-test is also given prior to starting the program that trainees need to pass to qualify. ALS programs are tailored primarily for healthcare professionals.

ACLS: Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Advanced Cardiac Life Support teaches trainees ALS for adult victims in hospitals and similar clinical settings. It runs for two days, with 16 hours total in the program. Because this program focuses on adult victims, adult pharmacology and adult-sized equipment. One-person and two-person CPR rescue is taught to students in this program. How to read an electrocardiogram (ECG) is also taught to the trainees. Again, basic skills in compressions and rescue breaths are still included in the ACLS program.

Because this program focuses on CPR in a clinical setting, the curriculum is able to cover all the links in the Chain of Survival: (1) recognition of cardiac arrest, (2) chest compressions and rescue breathing, (3) defibrillation, (4) ALS, and (5) post-cardiac arrest care; the BLS programs are only able to cover the first three links.

A re-certification is available and runs for five to six hours.


first aid training class
CPR ACLS training equipment

A post-test consisting of a practical and written exam are given at the end of the program. Once a student passes the tests, he or she is awarded a training certificate for ACLS training. The certificate has a validity of 24 months; before expiration students must sign-up for re-certification to keep the certificate valid for another 24 months. Expired certificates are not honored in any of our providers.


Enrolment can easily completed in a number of ways, primarily through the internet, telephone, or in person. Each of the provider websites has an application form for easy online enrolment. E-mails can also be sent detailing your enrolment details. Likewise, telephone calls and walk-ins during regular operating hours are encouraged by our very helpful and friendly staff.

Training centers

Because we are dedicated to the best training conditions possible for our students, all of our training centers are easily accessible by public and private transportation. Our classrooms are spacious and are outfitted by high-end training equipment. Trainees get the best training from certified instructors in high-end facilities.

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