How to Deal With Emergency Help For Snake Bite

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Snake bites are very fatal if not treated immediately. If a snake bite is not treated immediately, the victim has high chances of experiencing severe reaction to venom and within a few minutes death can occur. In most cases, the bites occur in remote areas making it hard to get emergency medical help. Thus, it is important to have a person in your group with proper first aid training for the bites.

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What you should do after a snake bite?

  • One thing that you should note is that snakes only attack when they feel threatened. Thus, the first thing to do when one is bitten by a snake is to move him or her to a safer location. Once the victim is in a safe location, let him remain still as you carry out the first aid.
  • If it is possible, you need to identify the snake species that caused the injury. This is crucial because there are many poisonous snakes in Canada and the anti-venom given should be compatible with the venom of the bite.  In case you cannot make identification of the snake then you need to note the exact location where the snake bite occurred because this can give a clue of the types of snake in that specific location.
  • You are supposed to loosen any tight clothing, jewellery or rope and tie few inches of both sides of the bite. Ensure you waste as less time as possible and in case the victim cries for help, you must offer very quick response.

Calling for help

It is good to note that the first aid given only aims to reduce, slow or prevent the effects the snake poison may have to the victim. In order to ensure that the venom does not cause other complications you need to call or have someone call 911 or any other emergency service provider for more advanced treatment.

The Do’s and Dont’s During the First Aid

  • You should not cut into the wound as this can lead to more infections.
  • Apply strong suction continuously using a bite kit suction or mouth just within some few seconds after the snake bite.
  • Make sure that the whole area is clean, by washing it with soap, but it is highly recommended to use an antiseptic cleaner if it is available.
  • Never feed the victim or give anything to drink. Alcohol should also be avoided because it adds more stress to the victim.
  • Asses if the victim needs other first aid help and give it to him as you wait for emergency help.

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