Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain refers to pain the lower abdomen, usually below the navel, but can pertain to pain in the pelvis or perineum. Pain is considered chronic when it lasts for less than six months. In contrast, pelvicpain is considered chronic when the pain persists for more than six months. Pain is described as mild, moderate

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Common Injuries, Safety for Riders & Rules of the Road Bicycle riders are increasing in number, with injuries from bicycle riding also increasing, thus it is necessary to learn safety tips and the rules of the road. Bicycle riding is a popular recreational sport enjoyed by persons of all ages. Bicycle riders are increasing in

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An emergency approach on biologic weapons of terror

Although biologic weapons of terror including chemical and radiologic in nature are not everyday agents, these formidable weapons of mass destruction can is becoming an increasing reality wherein health care workers should be constantly prepared in the likelihood of a terror attack using weapons of terror. Biologic weapons are weapons that spread diseases among the

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