Gym First Aid – Handy Tips For You

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Gyms are a potential area for injuries, and this is what makes it vital to know different techniques for gym first aid. Below are some of the techniques that you should be on the lookout for.

Muscle pull/ strained muscles

–          Stop whatever activity you are involved in if you feel pain. When working out, the mantra ‘No pain no gain’ does not mean much because pain is your body telling you something is wrong. When you get a muscle pull, sit down and allow the affected area to rest.

–          Gently rub the region to prevent swelling. You should see whether it is possible to make movement in the affected region.

–          Get a heating pack and rub it onto the affected region. This is integral to keeping the inflammation at bay.

–          Make sure you get enough rest and do not go back to the gym until you are fully recovered. Sit down and raise the affected region. If it is your leg that is affected, elevate it to a position that is comfortable for you. This reduces the flow of blood to the affected region, thereby decreasing the amount of inflammation, making it one of the most crucial techniques in gym first aid.

–          Use ice packs to keep the swelling in check, and take analgesics of need be. You must only go back to the gym when fully recovered.

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2) Gym first aid for a crushing injury

– Ensure your safety when approaching the scene. Call for professional medical help by dialing 911. Shift you attention to the victims and work to maintain open airways. If need be, carry out CPR following the CAB rule which involves compressions, airway checking and breathing.

– If there are any injuries with bleeding, dress the affected areas and keep the victim still, all the while assuring them that it will be okay. You may have to provide gym first aid techniques to deal with shock until medical help arrives.

3) Life saving techniques to use at the gym

A look at the condition of the victim will enable you to know what condition you are dealing with. The nature of the gym means that a number of things can easily go wrong. When dealing with an unconscious patient, the top priority is to keep their airways open and check on their breathing.

If the victim is breathing, you will be required to place them in recovery position so that their airways remain open. If breathing is labored, you can use gym first aid techniques by performing compressions of the chest and rescue breaths in intervals. The logic behind this is that the oxygen provided by the rescue breaths will be used up when the heart pumps it to the rest of the body through chest compressions.

It is very important to realize that any injuries which occur in the gym must be dealt with quickly enough to prevent the condition from worsening. CPR techniques are also a must learn for anyone interested in gym first aid.

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