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Choosing the right first aid course in Canada can be a difficult task because there are several providers, different course levels, compliance, terms of certification and other factors that you must consider. It is extremely essential for you to take time in order to make an informed decision on the course that will be most appropriate for you depending on your needs. Here are 3 major factors you need to put into considerations.

 Level of compliance of the provider

If you want to undertake the first aid course work or book for a group of your employees, then the course must be Alberta OH&S approved. A reputable provider should show you the level of compliance on their site. You can also search the full list of approved courses on Alberta OH&S site. This list is updated after every three months.  In case you work in some of the remote areas in the country, you can take remote responder course which is similar to the standard first aid, but have more content on how to handle medical emergencies in that kind of environment.

Content of the first aid course

Determining the level of first aid is easy, if you know or you have been advised on the level you need. However, if you do not have the knowledge, it can be overwhelming. An average person should be ready with standard first aid. If you venture in hardship areas, you need to take remote responder course that will prepare you to work well in harsh environment. For any person who is in a leadership position, for instance, tour guide or any other leadership position you need to have highest level of training such as advanced adventure medic course. As you do the selection, consider the content provided too.

Credibility of the course provider

You should ensure that the institution you want to take the first aid course has a clean record of accomplishment. To determine their credibility, check how long they have offered the different courses and who are their clients. Request to know who creates their courses together with their experience and training. Consider the calibre of the trainers as whether they are just weekend first aid instructors or are fully qualified with strong background in emergency medicine.

Consider your training needs

Different people have a wide range of training needs. If you need specific training in one area, then you should look at a provider who offers that course. On the other hand, if you want to undertake a full first aid course, it is good to look for an institution that provides the full package.


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