Importance of vitamin D3

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Vitamin D3 is also known as cholecalciferol. It is needed for retaining bone density and maintains the body’s immunity against diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and muscle wasting. Vitamin D3 is a hormone that is produced in the body. Only limited food contains vitamin D3 and the only source of vitamin D3 is the sun’s rays

Vitamin D3 is important for brain development and autism in children can be caused by a vitamin D3 deficiency. It is also a steroid hormone that is important in the emotional development and gross motor coordination.

Some people receive adequate supply of vitamin D3 from the sun but being aware of skin cancer from too much sun exposure, they avoid the sun by applying heavy sunblock. This can cause vitamin D3 deficiency. Only few foods have adequate vitamin D3 supply but fish, egg and cod liver oil contains only small amounts of the hormone.

Calcium absorption

Vitamin D3 also aids in the calcium absorption of the body that is needed for bone density. There are supplemental dosages of vitamin D3 that decreases the severity of osteoporosis and high blood pressure in the elderly that does not have adequate exposure to the sun. A bone condition like the rickets can result in skeletal deformity can also be caused by a vitamin D3 deficiency.

Anti-inflammatory property

Vitamin D3 can help with skin conditions because of its anti-inflammatory properties. In a study, vitamin D3 was given to an individual who has psoriasis and within a month the condition disappeared. It was also administered to those with lichen planus lesions in which vitamin D3 provided relief to the skin itchiness and reduced the number of the lesions present in the body.

Repair of wounds

Vitamin D
Vitamin D3 helps repair skin caused by wounds. It helps by preventing infections inside the wound.

Vitamin D3 helps repair skin caused by wounds. It helps by preventing infections inside the wound. It is also useful for healing burn injury. It can also rejuvenate the skin and can be used by women to erase stretch marks. When it comes to wound care, you can learn all the basics by enrolling in a first aid course.

Excess amount of vitamin D

Taking too much of vitamin D3 can cause the elevation of calcium levels in your body that can lead to hypercalcemia.

When the vitamin D3 level in your body is elevated, it can cause digestive or urinary complications, like urinating more than you usually do, even if you are not drinking extra fluid. You can also suffer from constipation but sometimes diarrhea as well as nausea and vomiting.

Your muscles becomes weak or finding it difficult to go about your daily activities. You have muscle and bone pain in your body.

Tissues of the organs can also be affected by consuming high dosage of vitamin D3. You could develop calcium-based kidney stones.

Excess amount of vitamin D3 can cause fatigue and sleepiness, headaches, chronic dry mouth and a foul metallic taste in your mouth.

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