How To Prevent A Heart Attack During The Holidays?

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Are you planning to take a holiday in the near future and afraid of heart attack? If yes, you will need to ensure that you are safe from heart attack, which is believed to be one of the major health problems many people suffer from during holidays. Heart disease is a common cause of death among men and women in Canada. Learning to prevent this problem during your holiday is important because it can cause a lot of emotional and physical distress to you. To know how you should keep yourself safe from this problem continue reading the article.

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Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is known to affect the performance of the body muscles. It is, therefore advisable to limit the amount of alcohol intake to avoid any effects on the heart muscles. If you have to take alcohol just take light amount and if you are advised by your doctor to avoid it, do not take.

Reduce Fatty Food Intake

Try to reduce amount of high fat foods such as pecan pie, eggnog to avoid the clogging of the arteries. Clogged arteries are the major cause of heart attack among many victims. It is good to note that after a single meal with high fat, the arteries of the heart do not work well for six to twelve hours. Load your meals with healthy foods and just small portion of fatty treats.

Avoid Emotional Triggers

Learning how to cope with feelings is a great way to keep you safe from heart attack. You need know how to manage your feelings to avoid getting stressed, depression, grief and other emotional catastrophes. If you suffer severe emotional feeling it is advisable to seek assistance from a psychotherapist to help you deal with the problem. If you are to be accompanied by any other person ensure that they also manage their emotions to ensure safety of all.

Emotional Triggers and Heart Attacks
Emotional triggers may play a role in starting a cardiac emergency.

Stay away from the Fireplace

If you live in an old home or less ventilated houses, you may have high risk of heart problems. Such an environment may have a lot of particles and toxins that can cause respiratory problems and artery clogging. All these can have negative effects to the heart increasing the risk of heart diseases. Avoid spending a lot of time near the fire places to avoid such complications.

Do some moderate exercise and make sure you carry your required medications

Carrying out exercises is one of the most effective ways to prevent heart attack.  Even when you are in your holiday, you should also ensure that you carry out simple exercises to make the holiday more enjoyable and protect your family from any heart problems.

Where to Learn More

To learn the signs and symptoms and how to recognize circulatory emergencies such as heart attacks enrol in workplace approved first aid and CPR courses with credible North American providers.

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